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The transition to clean energy is one of the most important challenges facing our country. Given the importance of this issue, it is essential that the public understand the debate around clean energy. And, while we welcome a diversity of opinions, including Robert Bryce’s, we also believe that full disclosure of one’s financial ties is essential in allowing readers to truly decipher what is being said – and why.

With this goal in mind, the Checks and Balances Project has launched to ask industry leaders like the New York Times to set the standard in disclosing the financial backgrounds and potential conflicts of interest of their guest opinion writers.

If the New York Times leads, other media outlets are likely to follow. Once that happens, the increased transparency will help prevent the public from being confused. More importantly, it will help them understand the full context and perspective on issues of the day. 

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Dear NY Times Public Editor Arthur S. Brisbane:

Guest writers like Robert Bryce mislead the public by offering expert opinion under innocuous titles like “Senior Fellow.” But often, guest writers like Mr. Bryce, and his employer the Manhattan Institute, receive millions of dollars from industries like fossil fuels to fund their work.

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While I believe that all voices should be heard, the New York Times can end this confusion and ensure better transparency.

I’m asking that you have guest contributors disclose their true ties to the industries and issues they write about.

As I form my opinion on issues that matter to me, I believe that everyone has the right be heard; I just want to know the true ties funding their speech.


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